Benefits of Buying a Quality Used Vehicle

Purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision  Choosing to buy a used car, truck or SUV is often the right decision of customers for many reasons.

Get the most out of your investment

For most families, a vehicle is the largest investment, second only to the home. Why then, do we completely change our thinking when it comes to making that investment?  If a house purchased today lost 40% of it's value in 2 years and a total of 69% over 6 years, you'd definitely explore some other options. There's no changing the fact that a vehicle is going to depreciate in value or that interest rates on used vehicles are a little higher (typically around 4.99%), but the 40% equity loss you avoid by choosing a used vehicle far outweighs the drawbacks of a slightly higher interest rate.

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Loss of Equity

No matter how well you maintain your new vehicle, a brand new vehicle is going to depriciate in value when you drive off the lot. Buying a used vehicle allows you to significantly reduce that instant value loss and gets you the best vehicle for the best price. Plus, there is fantastic protection available for your used vehicle and for your used vehicle loan. Let someone else take the loss and seize the opportunity to own an affordable high quality vehicle.

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Feels like a new vehicle

Buying your next vehicle at Western Used Vehicles doesn't mean having to make sacrifices. Western Used vehicles look and feel like you're the first owner. We recondition all our inventory to bring you a quality selection of vehicles that fit your budget and meet your high standards.

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Affordable Selection

Choosing to buy a used vehicle doesn't mean you have to make sacrifices. On the contrary, buying used opens up doors allowing you to get the vehicle you need.  At Western Used Vehicles, we offer a variety of cars, trucksand SUVs to suit your lifestyle without making concessions on size or vehicle quality. 

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Learn About Protecting
Your Used Vehicle

Western Used provides extended warraty options as well as walkaway protection to help you feel secure when you purchase your next vehicle. Protect yourself from unexpected repairs with an extended warranty and feel secure knowing that in the event on an accident, walkaway protection will help you cover some of the unexpected costs.

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